Collect & Manage
Field Monitoring Information
from the team who conducted

SPM App Interfaces With Online Repository To Collect and Manage Field Monitoring Information.

Collect & Monitor Information in the Field.

Multiple choice
open questions
voice recording

Can be Configured & Customized.

look & feel
program type
therapeutic area

Online Management of the App.

User Access
Upcomming Programs
Submitted Field data
Requests additional information

Online Reporting & Data Export

Status reporting
Exception reporting
Excel download

Program Monitoring Made Easy And Efficient.

Full Monitoring Check List Included In App.

Status of Each Section by Color.

Green – completed
Yellow – partial
Red – not started

Accordion Navigation.

Easy to jump between sections
Easy to add notes or record speech

Developed by team who conducted over 900 reviews.

Dashboard Allows For Fast Access To All Information.

Intuitive layout & navigation.

Displays number of programs assigned to the reviewer.
Tapping each button will navigate to program details.


Allows keyword search of all programs.
Filters programs by submission status (New, In-Progress & Submitted).

Superior User Experience & Data Security.

Fly through data entry with interactive touch interface. Tap on answers that apply.

Clearly gauge progress with Program Completion Indicator. Comment on any question.

App is password protected, manage users online. Data is removed from iPad after program has been submitted for review. Multiple users can use the same device.

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